Gundam Shipment Unboxing 06/09/2020

by Dice Addiction LLC

Automatic Transcription of the Audio 

Hey guys, this is Chip and Ludo with Dice Addiction. Oh, don't let me forget about Tank he's our mascot of course for the store. Our friendly Red Dragon, and today we're going to be unboxing some exciting new things that we just got in. We're just ordering new boxes. Just boxes. Yeah, they're just boxes within boxes to be completely honest. Oh, man. If you guys haven't watched it yet, there's actually a great video with Ludo and Jake, basically in a box fort.
The post quarantine order. Sixteen Boxes
Yes, the post quarantine order.
So today. These came all the way from Canada. And of course they are boxes within boxes but Ludo, what's in those secondary boxes, what do we have here?
Plastic, what is the plastic doing?
Giant robots? like Power Rangers and Voltron?
Ah, something like that.
Oh man.
Macros? No no I don't think it's Macros. battletech, is it battletech. Oh this one looks like Goku. So actually we have a brand new easy grade Goku kit that just came in. And what do you have there,
An insane looking Build Fighters Crossbones
What is this? Oh hey, we got the new Bandai Spirits Entry Nippers.
Oh, nice. Defintly need more nippers.
we do.
I thought its was a Zaku but no it's one of the Iron-Blooded Orphans
Oh yeah, we were able to actually get a few IBO kits in here let's uh start stacking them in place, make sense.
Us be organized?
Also have a Vegeta, to go with the Goku of course. 30 minute missions terrain that just came in,
Build Divers Kits!
More Build stuff
Ooh what are the white haddled clippers?
Oh, so the Clippers actually come in three different colors they come in blue, red and white. These are their entry nippers. They also have a set of like use everyday nippers that we should be getting in a future order. These are really intended for like new, new builders, maybe kid builders.
I need one of these.
oh yeah more Haropla stuff came in. So this is a haropla haroloader, I think, and it's really just a ball and like giant mech suit.
So this makes me think of the T Rex, you know, so it's like the short arms can't reach anything, the haropla don't have arms but,
oh yeah,
now he's got the little grabby things. So the T rex can take over the world Now the haropla has arms and can take over the world
nice. So we just got in Pokemon two new Pokemon kits Ho-Oh and Lugia .
And then you've got something really exciting in your hands.
Oh, right. So we have the Hello Kitty Haro, and I believe this is like an anniversary kit. Yeah, so it's a Haropla Gundam Hello Kitty anniversary model, and we've got several of these that came in because we know there's a ton of you out there that are after them
More iron blooded orphans. I love this kit
Oh, here's that Zaku you were looking for, we went ahead and restocked all the real grades that we could get in. So we've got Zakus' and Force Impulse Gundams. And then what is this I always forget this, the Z'Gok. And then here's the real grade that I know we're all really excited about this isn't a Gundam This is from...
Neon Genesis, or Evangelion.
I just know them as EVA's I only see the kits, they look really cool. So, and this is a real grade. This is a new model. This isn't one of those older kids. Yeah. So, this is super exciting.
Buy it before I do.
And then we went ahead restock our master grades as well. We have Sandrock there from Gundam Wing, I believe, another force impulse Gundam.
Some Universal Century kits.
You've got like a gun cannon there. Oh yeah, some of the some of the newer 30 minute missions, these are the rabiots. More rabiots and other colors of love, 30 minute mission kits.
That is sparkly
Yeah. What is this Gundam g self perfect pack for is this from requisition a G What is this from
yeah requisition.
Yeah, we got a Perfect Cell kit for all you Dragon Ball fans. Ah, yes, the. So we're starting to create more of the figur-rize models, and this Asuna from Sword Art Online. Got a couple of those in, hoping to get more stuff from like, what is it Fate Stay on the internet. Yeah. We also have some Sword Art Online sleeves. Oh yeah we got we have some Asuna as well, build more Build Fighters speaking of Voltron and Power Rangers, we have the. It's like three kits that go together into one Gundam tri on. Oh yes, psychos Zaku and I think we have a master grade of this somewhere in one of these
Yeah, but a high grade psycho Zaku from Thunderbolts.
Alright, what's Of course there are more boxes in this last box. But we've saved the best for last. Hopefully.
Yeah, you should you should show them what we're seeing. Before you start digging. So yeah, it's just three really big boxes or five really big boxes, and then, you know, some of you Okay, awesome.
Yeah, what is this their Ryusei-Go (Graze Custom II) and Gusion Rebake. Yeah, it was a captured. Yeah.
Oh yeah Real Grade Sazabi.
I love me some Real Grades, especially the red ones. All right, so we've got the Hi-V version KA Master Grade. What else we got in there. All psycho. Yes, Full Armor Unicorn Gundam, I love the green and this is my favorite unicorns. The green and the blue. And then we only carry this one other time we got it right when it originally came out, this is the psycho Zaku master grade version ka show that I'll see you guys there, and now I'm hiding behind it. Chip we're gonna need more room. I know we always need more room that's a problem. Also if you guys didn't notice, Ludo was not in uniform today, and I couldn't really get on to it because it's actually his his uniform for the next couple of months. We're kind of running out of space and we didn't notice, notice if anybody else noticed, but we recently have acquired some new space, and we will be expanding, we're hoping to have our project done by August 1, and consider this our official unofficial reveal because we haven't made any other posts or comments about it yet. So more full armor unicorn, or no yeah full armor Unicorn Gundam and red Stein. Victory Gundam two or victory two Gundam master grade. Hopefully we got some. Yeah, yeah we got several of the Evas kits message me. Hey Siri set a message. The message Christian and I hope that didn't enter just interrupt this video. Oh yes and the last song I have actually never had in stock before, this is a turn of Gundam turn a Gundam. I don't know how you pronounce this one. This is from a series I've never seen before, but everybody talks a lot about. So I think this will be really popular. Alrighty guys that looks like all the kits for today. We should have another video up showing up some more kits here, and a couple of weeks, but thank you for tuning in and
have a great day


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