Magic The Gathering: Adventures In Forgotten Realms Prerelease

by Dice Addiction LLC

Hey Magic players & Dungeons and Dragons Players. 

Dice Addiction is excited to announce our schedule and pricing for our D&D: Adventures in Forgotten Realms Magic The Gathering Prerelease Events this weekend! We will be having an event on Friday 07/16 at 7pm, Saturday 07/17 at 2pm, and on Sunday 07/18 we will have a Two-Headed Giant Event at 2pm! Entry is $30 per player for each event next weekend and everyone will be leaving with at least one additional pack when the events are over! We do have limited seating of 16 people per event but we will also have a small amount of kits available for purchase while supplies last! If you have any questions, feel free to message us on Facebook or give us a call at 918-932-8226! The full schedule and prize support will be posted below as well! See you soon!

Entry - $30 per player (Caps at 16 Entrants)

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Friday 07/16 - 7pm Start Time

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Saturday 07/17 - 2pm Start Time

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Sunday 07/18 Two-Headed Giant - 2pm Start Time

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0-1 Wins - One Additional Pack

2 Wins - Two Additional Packs

3 Wins - Four Additional Packs

For Rules on Two headed Giant check here:

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