New Heroclix arrive in the shop after a long wait for new product.

by Dice Addiction LLC

Hello Dice Addiction and Heroclix fans we have some exciting news today. As you can obviously see we finally got in our long awaited shipment of new Heroclix. So these were all supposed to come out with some kind of time between them, but because of Corona and what's happened with that. We have a triple release for heroclix today. So we're going to start off with the Black Widow movie set that just came out. Like all movie sets it's going to be in a gravity feed style. 24 packs in a gravity feed, and we have available on our website. We've also got 

Black Widow on the motorcycle, as an individual piece you can buy. And then we have the Fantastic Four Cosmic Clash starter set that comes out. This is the first time that Fantastic Four has been back in Heroclix in over a decade, I think the last time would have been.

Oh, it's a card set but it's an early card set.


And then of course what everybody's been waiting on the Justice League Unlimited booster set. So in the set you obviously have the Justice League Unlimited characters from the show you also have in Justice League, something called Seven Soldiers of Victory which I don't remember from the show, but you also have a Super Friends and I believe the chases are Trouble Alerts. So those are some cool game mechanics. And then last but certainly not least, we also got a restock on Dark Phoenix and some WWE figures. So always happy to have these back in. And if you're looking to play some Heroclix games we have those every Saturday at 6pm, and you can check out our Facebook page to find out exactly what we're doing that way that we also this all will be available in store, as soon as videos posted and on our website at dice addiction, calm. Thanks guys for joining us and have a great day


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