Pokemon GO fest 2024 coming to Dice Addiction

Pokemon GO fest 2024 coming to Dice Addiction

The Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Celebration Event comes to Dice Addiction this Friday, July 12th! Players who sign up and check in through the Niantic Campfire app will receive a code for amazing in-game rewards! We’ll be handing out code vouchers for in-game items We’re also hosting a FREE PvP tournament with Dice Addiction gift cards for prize support! Join us and meet like-minded trainers for a night of Poke-packed excitement! You can sign up for the event using the link below! 

Sign-up link: https://cmpf.re/xiGDzW

If you have any questions give us a call at 918-932-8226 or check out our discord using the link below!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/MSfZsywNFE

DATE: July 12th

TIME: 7:00PM

Campfire Rewards: 

*Make sure to check-in through the niantic campfire app to get your code for these wonderful rewards!

100x Solar Fusion Energy

100x Lunar Fusion Energy

1x Star Piece

10 Poke Balls

Tournament Prizes:

Dice Gift Cards

Door Prizes:

Additional participatory codes will be handed out as door prizes

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