Shop Announcement and Mystery Boosters are back in stock

by Dice Addiction LLC

Hello dice addiction fans, I have an impromptu announcement today. Wizards of the Coast, and all of their friendliness decided to send us some new Buy a Box promotion, a lot of you have known about it. These are supposed to be out on June 5. This is mechagodzilla battle fortress. This is available, while supplies last. Whenever you buy a box from us. And they also to help us do with the coronavirus or the COVID or whatever you want to call it. They sent us a bunch of boxes mystery boosters for us to sell. We are currently doing these $6 a pack, or $160 a box. Again, ball supplies last. I don't expect those to be here very long. You can also get the promo by buying boxes of Ikoria or whatever other boxes we had in stock. They also sent us these awesome looking Reliquary Tower promos. These are available anytime you make a purchase for Magic the Gathering or you enter in it. So if you come to our commander tournament. Tonight, we have a competitive competitive commando tournament we run every Wednesday at 7pm. If you come to that tonight, enter the tournament, you will receive one of these Reliquary Tower promos for. If you come to our draft tournament this Friday or Saturday, you'll receive one of these, if I still have some available I don't expect them to last very long. Next, I want to talk about something else. You may have noticed me or Ludo or some of the other staff members working to store and we look really dirty. You can also see, we are not actually in Dice Addiction right now, and I'm wearing this in 95 mask, that's used for like construction purposes. So yeah, here's kind of the big reveal the bookstore unfortunately did not make it. There's a space that basically is adjacent to us. And so we are currently remodeling it. This will be Dice Addiction, new game room. Hopefully, as of August 1 that everything goes to plan. We will be launching with our HeroClix States event that will be that day. That is if everything goes to plan. All of our gaming tables that you all are familiar with these guys right here that we are refurbishing or remodeling resurfacing is one of those words will be against this wall right over here, our cart singles will be in wonderful display cases that are being built by Ludo. Now that run down the center here. And then we're adding tabletop gaming on this side of the wall, and our counters will be over here in the front, and we will have both spaces available so we are more than doubling our space, and we're really excited about this. We've been keeping it a secret for about a month now. But today's the day we decided to tell everyone. Anyways guys, I just wanted to let you know about this promotion, it starts right now. I know they said June 15, but they originally said June 5 so they told us as soon as we have them to go ahead and distribute them. So that's what we're doing. But guys, looking forward to seeing everybody. Have a great day.


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